Description & History

Zion City M. B. Church, Chicago, IL, is a non-profit, faith based organization.  It’s been located in the Englewood community at 950 West 69thStreet for the past 48 years.  Through the years, the church has not only provided profound and prolific religious services and activities, but also offered continuous community service to the church membership, the local residents, and the community’s visitors.  All ages, including disabled individuals, have had the opportunity to be serviced by the church through an array of programs.  Major projects for the church have been numerous and have included attention to youth education and employment (48 years), distribution of commodities such as bread and other food items, clothing, toys, books, etc. (27 years), supporting exchange students and the military (14 years), computer training (11 years), and community service and learning hour assistance [(e.g. ZC Candy Station – 12 (years)].


About the organization

Zion City M. B. Church

Rev. Gregory G. Taylor
Executive Director
Debrah Greene