Description & History

Bin Donated is an organization whose mission combines the power of environmental responsibility with social responsibility.   

The greenest thing one can do is Recycle items for Reuse!  Bin Donated works with their partners, which include hotels, companies, residential and commercial buildings to coordinate the collection of necessary in-kind goods and distributes them accordingly to other Chicago area non-profit partners. 

In less than 2 years, Bin Donated has collected and distributed over 80,000lbs and over $750,000 of donations!  In doing so, they have saved Chicago area non-profits thousands of dollars in operating costs by providing them valuable in-kind donations they need to run their programs.  Through their non-profit partners, Bin Donated has served tens of thousands in the homeless and other at-risk communities of Chicago.

Working with dedicated partner network of over 25 hotels, 45 residential buildings and multiple companies, Bin Donated is looking to further expand their portfolio of buildings and businesses in helping them support recycling items/assets for reuse to strengthen the community.  

About the organization

Bin Donated

Geeta Singh
Executive Director
Judson Kinnucan
Founder & CEO
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