Description & History


Family Matters is a family-centered organization in the North of Howard neighborhood that seeks to be a catalyst for change – building and strengthening the community through programs that support personal growth and leadership. We strive to be a safe, positive second home where families of diverse culture and experience come together and find equal acceptance, encouragement and challenge. We believe the community must determine its own needs and can meet those needs through a partnership comprising neighborhood residents, staff, volunteers and donors. We encourage respect for self and others and practice three principles of leadership:  1) utilizing peaceful conflict resolution, 2) embracing positive thinking and language and 3) and illuminating the power of responsible decision-making.

 Family Matters supports all participants and their families in addressing self-identified issues within their communities and beyond. To that end, we utilize shared leadership within a personal-to-worldwide model that begins with learning how to be a leader in one’s own life.  

About the organization

Family Matters

Kim DeLong
Executive Director
Mary Jo Deysach
Director of Business and Human Resources
Devon Lovell
Director of Community Tutoring