Announcing Community Partners: VolunTEAM, Success Coaches

One Good Deed Chicago is thrilled to announce its partner organizations for the upcoming year. Thank you to all who applied. Over the next several months, look out for events and news featuring the following Chicago nonprofits.  

Click on an organization's name to visit its website and find out more.


We will help nonprofits build their volunteer capacity by placing a VolunTEAM member within the organization. VolunTEAM members are retired adults, and semi-retired adult professionals, managed by Executive Service Corps, who will individually work with each community organization throughout the 9-month period.

They will act as volunteer "consultants" given the task of helping to assess and strategically grow the organization's capacity for volunteerism including: board service, skills-based, pro bono, and hands on volunteering.  Building organizational and volunteer capacity allows non-profits do more of the good and important work they are already doing in the community.

Partner Organizations


Success Coaches

To prepare students to meet academic success milestones include reading proficiently by third grade, high school and college readiness, and career planning, OGDC aims to activate and mobilize resident volunteers to support students along this spectrum. We will work to promote a Success Coaches initiative though media and marketing efforts, to recruit a larger, diverse pipeline of volunteers to focus their energy on helping meet this challenge.

Volunteers will complete activities such as reading with third-grade students, mentoring middle-school students and assisting high-school students with financial aid and college applications. Our ultimate Impact: College is a realistic option for more students in Chicago.


Partner Organizations


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